Buymusic to Linux Users: Get Lost

Link: selling songs to Windows customers. (LA Times via

A new downloadable music service has appeared on the net. Their motto is Get Loaded, but for Linux users it might as well be Get Lost.

The new service is terribly proud of their consumer-unfriendly proprietary technology. In their breathless press release, their CEO bleats, "The new buzz phrase is no longer MP3 players, but 'digital music players' or DMPs, and refer to any device that is compliant with's format and DRM technology." Seems to me the only buzz around here is from the crack he's smoking.

DRM stands for "digital rights management," which means preventing you from doing what you wish to do with the music you've acquired. They will allow you to use the music in a Microsoft-approved fashion and only with Microsoft-approved products. Otherwise, tough luck.

As if to rub salt into the wound, users of non-proprietary operating systems are redirected to a web page that tells you, "In order to take full advantage of's offerings you must be on a Windows Operating System using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher."

This means, of course, I will continue performing illegal music downloads on peer-to-peer networks. This is not my preferred solution. I find the music selection on peer-to-peer networks to be quite limited outside the mainstream genres, the audio quality often poor, and the download reliability very quirky.

I want to give the record labels my money, if they'd only try to sell me something I wanted.


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re: Buymusic to Linux Users: Get Lost

Looks like isn't being very friendly to Mac users, either. According to the Help section of the website, "( music downloads are not compatible with any Mac OS".

With Apple's iTunes Music Service not being compatible with Mac OS 9 users, either, us old-schoolers are left out in the dust. I guess that's our punishment for not upgrading. It makes sense, though--if no new money is coming in for the development of these older operating systems, why should developers make these services compatible with them?

Still, I wish they did...

re: Buymusic to Linux Users: Get Lost

This service is a joke.

I heard about it on the radio the other day, and the DJs as usual spat out reasons why music piracy is bad, bla bla bla. Maybe if they stopped playing "hit" songs every 10 minutes people would have a reason to listen to the radio instead of downloading music and creating their own mix CDs. But I digress.

I mostly use WinXP these days, but with Mozilla. I was redirected to the same page when I checked out the site, and then promptly left. Windows/IE may be the largest population of the web - but you are still limiting your market, and possibly alienating the people that would be interested in this service in the first place - the techies/early adopters.

I too wish that my MP3 collection could be made legal, but the industry has dropped the ball so many times it's not even funny. CDs are still as expensive as ever and there is yet to be made a worthwhile download service. This could have been done years ago before piracy became a problem, but instead the RIAA insists on chasing after Joe Sixpack while allowing half-baked ideas like exhibit their lack of forward thinking.

Just my $0.02 of course.