Microsoft Takes Aim in Spam War, Shoots Foot


Link: "Spammer" Protests Innocence.

Houston....errr, London...we have a problem. You know all those lawsuits Microsoft has been filing against spammers? Well, it looks like Microsoft may have snared an innocent in its trap.

Simon Grainger has been targeted by Microsoft, but he says he's no spammer. Steve Linford of the Spamhaus Project is quoted in the article saying they saw spam from the domain back last year, but it ceased before Simon acquired it.

Earlier today, Microsoft released a statement on the matter:

We understand that Mr Simon Grainger, against whom proceedings were brought by Microsoft last week is protesting his innocence, claiming that he is the victim of mistaken identify or third-party interference with his systems. Whilst at this stage we have not received a formal indication of a substantive defence on behalf of Mr. Grainger, we wish to impress that the proceedings last week were instituted against a background of misuse of a domain name registered in Mr. Grainger's name. In the event that there is persuasive evidence supporting Mr. Grainger's assertions, we would be very happy to consider it and team up with Mr. Grainger to discover the true identity of the perpetrators of the misuse complained of which may have left as its victims, Microsoft and its customers as well as Mr. Grainger. Until then, it would not be appropriate for us to comment about a legal matter which is the subject of court proceedings. Though we can't comment further on the individual court case, Microsoft is committed to addressing the spam problem on behalf of all consumers.

This really roasts my nuts. The complete lack of compassion for what may be a horrendous error is mind-boggling. Sure, the matter needs to be clarified before they drop charges, but couldn't the arrogant bastards at least have shown a little concern?

Gawwd ... I hate frickin' lawyers. (Well...most of them...)


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re: Microsoft Takes Aim in Spam War, Shoots Foot

I'd just like to take time out to thank everybody for their support over the last couple of months. As you've all probably heard, Microsoft finally capitulated yesterday....