Earthlink Sez: It is not Spam


This is an Administrative Message from EarthLink. It is not spam. From time to time EarthLink will send you such messages in order to communicate important information about your account.

So, my new cable Internet service is less than two weeks old, and already the marketing onslaught begins. Last night I received an email "Special Services for EarthLink Cable Internet Customers." The message is trying to upsell me to various services, with no otherwise necessary or useful information.

The quoted paragraph appears at the end of this message. It's a good thing Earthlink added that. We wouldn't want customers to misconstrue this useless, unwanted marketing crap as spam.

See, it really isn't spam. Yes, it is commercial email, but because I have a business relationship with Earthlink (I'm a cable Internet customer) they have a right to contact me. Nonetheless, just because it's not spam doesn't mean it isn't useless, unwanted marketing crap. Just because they have the right to send me this crap doesn't mean it's desirable or advisable.

To make matters even worse, Earthlink does not offer a way to opt-out of this crap. Therefore, it appears the only way to make this stop would be to break my business relationship with them: cancel my service. I'm considering doing that.

What a horribly arrogant and offensive business practice. No wonder Earthlink needed to add a disclaimer to the end of this annoying email. It's a pity that nobody at Earthlink had enough of a clue to realize that if their marketing wasn't so offensive, they wouldn't need the silly disclaimer.