Snpajtev This, Spammer


wobbly letters spelling "snpajtev"Do not adjust your set. The wobbly letters you see in the graphic are part of the new Microsoft Hotmail/Passport registration procedure. When you try to register for an account, you'll get a graphic image such as the one above, and you need to type what you see back into the form. That's easy for a human to do, very tough for a computer.

This means that spammers will no longer be able to run automated signups, to amass the hundreds (thousands?) of accounts necessary to do a DAV spam run. Thanks, Microsoft.

Now, about that header forgery problem ...


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re: Snpajtev This, Spammer

Wow...finally doing something useful in the spam war. It appears to be a very good technique.

Now all they have to do is allow you to block Hotmail Member services from telling you to upgrade your mailbox size.