A Breath of Fresh Air


Yesterday, the new Austin Smoking ordinance passed its third and final reading. There was some question whether the majority would hold together, but they did, and so as of September 1 our bars and clubs will be smoke free.

Here is information from the message just sent out by Smoke-Free Austin:

On Thursday, June 5th the Austin City council voted for a third and final time on the smoke-free ordinance and passed it by a vote of 4-3. The ordinance will now make all bars and all restaurants throughout Austin SMOKE-FREE! The distance from an opening of a building where smoking is permitted was set at 15 feet.

The implementation date for the ordinance will be Sept. 1st, 2003. This will allow for education in the community regarding the new ordinance.

Bingo halls, fraternal organizations, outdoor patios and billiard halls were exempted as expected.

I think this is great news. I hope the non-smokers will make a special effort to go out and help ease the transition to a smoke-free environment.


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re: A Breath of Fresh Air

Oh come on! How can you be for software freedoms and not for personal freedoms?

Why must ALL bars be smoke free?

The answer can't have anything to do with cancer because UV light has been proven to cause cancer and I don't see much legislation against being outdoors.

The answer can't have anything to do with non-smoker's rights, because non-smokers have always had the option to go to non-smoking establishments.

The answer can't have anything to do with second-hand smoke being potentially hazardous, because you're more likely to die as the result of someone elses drinking than someone elses smoking.

Heck, more non-smokers than smokers die every minute ;-)