HB 1282: No News is ... No News

The Senate Committee on Business and Commerce recessed this morning without calling up HB 1282, the Bad Texas Spam Bill. The next meeting hasn't been scheduled yet. I'm concerned they will waive the five-day posting rule from the Senate floor and we may not catch it in time. It's all part of the lobbying game.

Today's meeting was quick and non-contentious. The mood was giddy.

Chairman: Are their any objections? ...

Senator presenting bill (only other senator in the room): I'd like to note empty chairs usually don't object.

Chairman: Yeah, but they have been known to vote.

The committee never made quorum. At one point, the chair wondered whether all the missing senators might be hiding out in Oklahoma.


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re: HB 1282: No News is ... No News

Looks like the Business and Commerce committee will not meet as I expected. Not sure when the next meeting will be. Typically they've been meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays.