Epicurean Corner: Texas State Capitol Cafeteria

IJTLCSH proudly presents its first review of fine dining establishments around our town. Today we visit the Texas State Capitol Cafeteria.

The Capitol Cafeteria offers a unique dining experience. Where else can you enjoy a meal, listening to some loudmouthed yahoo in a cowboy hat and string tie shouting into a cell phone about some lobbying interest.

Also in its favor, although the cuisine does not rise to the level of Luby's, it doesn't suck anywhere close to what your college cafeteria was like. Plus, the food is damn cheap. A full entree and sides, plus a large iced tea is $6.50. Deli sandwiches made to order are just a couple of bucks.

Today, I dined on the ravioli, one of the featured entrees. It was delicately prepared, preserving a careful balance between the taste of pasta stuff and that of meat-n-sauce stuff. My only complaint would be that the green beans on the side were not prepared in the authentic Texas tradition (boiled down to mush).

The food is totally edible and one of the best bargains in the city. We recommend the Capitol Cafeteria.


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re: Epicurean Corner: Texas State Capitol Cafeteria

Edible is better than the alternative.