SB 1579: Is Texas Ready for Open Source?

Open Source for TexasFor nearly two months I have been working in support of SB 1579, a bill that would expand the use of open source software by Texas state agencies. This is the first article I've blogged about it. Is that wack or what?

I have been writing a lot on this effort, just not here. We've got a mailing list and wiki page with all sorts of good information. I've neglected to tie that back to here.

Unlike the other EFF-Austin legislative efforts, this is one we are working to support. We like open source software, and we want to see the state use more of it.

Yesterday, we got a hearing for this bill in front of the Senate Committee for State Affairs. The hearing went quite well. We've got a long row to hoe, but at least we've got a small victory to celebrate this weekend.


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re: SB 1579: Is Texas Ready for Open Source?

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