Stylin' Code

I just got email from Eric Raymond saying he was planning to use some of my code in his forthcoming book The Art of Unix Programming. He is planning to cite my blq script as a case study in Perl programming.

Here is what he said:

blq is a good example of a small Perl script, illustrating both the strengths and weaknesses of the language. It makes intensive use of regular-expression matching. On the other hand, the Net::DNS Perl service library it uses has to be conditionally included, because it is not guaranteed to be present in any given Perl installation.

blq is exceptionally clean and disciplined as Perl code goes, and the author recommends as an example of good style (the other Perl tools referenced from the blq project page are good examples as well). But parts of the code are unreadable unless you are familiar with very specific Perl idioms


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re: Stylin' Code

Can you please let Eric know that the Matrix cannot always be found in every perl installation as well?

You didn't mention how you felt about this, could you care less or are you pleased?
also - allow <pre> tags in the comments so we can post code without making images. :)