Drama--and Hypocrisy--at the Council Chambers

I recognized a bunch of the people there--all opponents. I heard that Lovejoy's was offering free beer to anybody who showed up, so there was a large number of their staff and regular patrons there. I'd like to be a regular patron there, but I often have to flee when the blue cloud begins to descend. So, I'm not sure I can go to Lovejoy's and be served anymore. Or, at least, go and not get a beer with a loogey in it.

The opponents were tremendously hostile and defensive, but I expected that. We're talking about something that's going to fuck with people's physiology. For a nicotine addict, the mere discussion may be enough to send the brain into fight-or-flight.

I remember back when the current ordinance was put into place, and I was just as angry then as the opponents are now. I was wrong, but I've got a good excuse: I was under the influence of drugs. Nicotine, in particular. The current ordinance was put into place in 1996, and I kicked two years later.

So, I attended expecting to be able to rally some degree of empathy for the opponents, but then I had one incident that completely blew me away. I ran into Spot, a tremendously wonderful guitar player, hanging with the Lovejoy's folks. I told him I was there to testify in favor. This guy in a wheelchair next to us looks up at me and snarls, "Well, why don't you just drink at home?"

I was blown away that of all the people to lay that line on me, it would be a handicapped dude. I couldn't imagine thinking--let alone saying--to somebody, "Well, why don't you just go to the bar down the street. Maybe that will be more accessible." That's not just wrong, it's illegal. While I was prepared for anger, I was astonished to encounter this level of hypocrisy.


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re: Drama--and Hypocrisy--at the Council Chambers

I know the fellow you're talking about. I asked him one time if I could help him (by handing him a beer that he had just bought). He told me no, in no uncertain terms, and not to ask again.

OK: whatever. AFAIK, he's on his own.