Continuing the Wireless Discussion


Here are the articles I wish to present:

Intel, Proxim, Others Back the WirelessMAN.
802.11 Planet. April 8, 2003.
During the March meeting, I discussed 802.11 WLAN (wireless local area network) technology. This article discusses the growing support for WMAN (wireless metropolitan area network) technology. The technologies address two different issues: bandwidth distribution versus user access. A WMAN can be used to distribute Internet access within a metro area, and individual WLANs are created to connect the users.
Unwired - A Wired Special Report.
Wired. Issue 11.05. May 2003.
A special insert to the current Wired magazine, focusing on wireless. Provides a good overview of the current state of the technology.
About the Downtown Long Beach Wireless Hot Zone
An overview article of the Long Beach downtown Hot Zone. Interesting to note the scope of this project is just six city blocks (2x3). Keep in mind that a trial project during SXSW had a significant portion of Sixth Street lit. This project may have been of similar scope.
City of Long Beach, California Becomes Nation's Largest City, and First on West Coast, to Offer Free Wireless Internet Access.
Press release. January 10, 2003.
The press release announcing the Long Beach free wireless network.
More Cities Set Up Wireless Networks
New York Times. January 5, 2003.
One of the first newspaper articles discussing the Long Beach network. Fascinating to note it reports the cost to the city for this project was $2500/year.


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Wait till your Friendly Neighborhood Borg finds out... you just might be assimilated!

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I probably should mention it was Commissioner Pool who first brought the NY Times article to the attention of the Commission. I don't want to be accused of plagiarizing her research. :-)