SXSW Debriefing

  • Meeting Larry Lessig, the guy who just argued in front of the Supreme Court to have the Mickey Mouse Preservation Act overturned, was way cool.
  • Finding out that Larry had actually read an article I blogged was tremendously exciting.
  • Discovering that Larry was considering blogging a response had me so excited I nearly peed my pants.
  • I turned a lot of people on to what we were doing with the Austin Bloggers web site. Folks seemed to get it--and like it.
  • I did a ten minute presentation of the site during the Geek Out panel, and the response was gratifying. People asked some tremendous questions, such as who was our audience (A: the greater community, but it's also helping local bloggers find each other), how were we promoting it (A: I'm doing it now!), and has it affected blogging style (A: it has mine). Folks seemed to like what we were doing, and that was satisfying.
  • And during the entire presentation, sitting in the front row enjoying the session, were Ben and Mena Trott--the people who invented the trackback technology that underlies our web site. Mena even blogged us. Is that cool or what?
  • I got a few minutes with Austin City Councilmember (and Mayoral Candidate) Will Wynn. I briefed him about some of the initiatives I'm working on through the City Telecommunications Commission and EFF-Austin, and he sounded supportive. Most importantly, however, I had to chance to tell him that his campaign fucking spammed me with unsolicited email, and he ought to review how they're accumulating email addresses.
  • I'm glad I finally got to meet Jim Butler and thank him for scoring me the comp admission to the conference.
  • I feel privileged I got to witness David's first ever art exhibition. He did a nice piece.
  • Did I mention Larry Lessig read my blog?


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re: SXSW Debriefing

Sorry I missed the Austinbloggers preso at the Justin Hall Geekout!

re: SXSW Debriefing

Chip - I'm glad to have shared some of the weekend with you. your insight and company was well appreciated throughout the various panels and nighttime events. Also, you were a driving voice of reason for our booth (and for the EFF/EFF-A table at the party), and I thank you for wanting everything to go so well.

It was my absolute pleasure to finally show you a taste of what I'm doing in my garage... Now that I've taken that first step and broke through the barrier of first-time trepidation, the rest should be easier?

Now, though, I'm about to pass out from exhaustion...

re: SXSW Debriefing

Thanks for the party, the presence, the inspiration. I feel honored to know ya'.

Next year, maybe EFFA can hold the party TOGETHER with Geek Austin . ;}

I'm listening to live SXSW audio via AustinWireless AP right now (thanks to THOSE folks).

I LUV this freakin' wierdo town.

Now, back to my homework...