Blog Aggregation


A bunch of us Austin bloggers have banded together. So far we've formed a mailing list and set a date for our first get-together dinner.

One of our more interesting projects is a meta-blog, that aggregates postings about Austin. Adina Levin prototyped the original over at The Internet Topic Exchange. Later, I contributed a web server and some tools to host it locally.

Toward that end, I developed a utilty that runs as a CGI, receives a trackback ping and posts a synopsis to a Movable Type weblog. It's in Python. Drop me a note if you'd like a copy.


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re: Blog Aggregation

I want to get a quick and dirty blog running on some of my websites, , , , etc.

Chip, what's step one. What url do I have to visit to get the software you're running here going on my site.

I'm running FreeBSD, PHP, MySQL, Zope/Python, etc.