Guest-the-Spam Contest Winner


Now that I finally got off my ass and posted the year-end spam numbers, I can at long last announce the winner of the First Annual IJTLCSH Guess-the-Spam Contest.

The goal of the contest was to see who could guess the amount of spam I received in 2002. The article I just posted reported the amount of spam hitting my mailbox was about 10,000 messages. So, the winner is Anthony, with the winning guess of "16425ish." Congratulations!

As far as 2003, here is my prediction: 2002 ended at a rate of about 38 spams/day. The spam rate seems to be increasing linearly, so I estimate it will be about 60 spams/day at year end. That would put the 2003 total at 18,250 total spam messages in my mailbox. Check back a year from now to see what really happens.