Max is Back


Unfortunately, he (and all the other candidates) were thoroughly trounced by Kirk Watson. It was such a massive drubbing that the second place candidate (Ronney Reynolds) conceded rather than going into a run-off election. Watson turned out to be the perfect mayor for the go-go 90's and Austin rode the bubble to the top. He resigned (Austin was merely a stepping-stone to statewide office) just as everything was unraveling, and now we are suffering a massive hangover from those heady times.

I like Max, but as of yet I'm unsure whether I'll support him. I'd like to see who else announces. Plus, he's a longshot populist candidate, and I keep wavering on the idealistic versus practical position. Two years ago I voted idealistic and wasted my vote on the Greens. This year I voted pragmatic and wasted my vote even worse on the Democrats.

Regardless, he's sure to bring flavor and flair to the campaign, and I'm glad to see him there to present a populist agenda. Here's hoping the incumbent media doesn't marginalize him, as they are wont to do.


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Credit where credit is due ... I thought premature blogulation might be an original--if obvious--phrase. Google shows previous usage, back in August.

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You're right, the site is unofficial right now and intended to be off the radar screen until announced. It's a google compilation of past stuff, including yours, on Max. We're rapidly forming a web team and doing our own original design at which time we'll go public with it. We may want to use some of your content, is this ok? I sent you an invite to join the webteam which is possibly how you found out about it? At any rate, there's a tentative meeting scheduled at the Nokonah next to Whole Foods on Sunday of webbed and unix types to see what we can create in the way of the official, for real website.

How did I know you posted this? I looked at my stats and saw the referral site. I recently visited with you at the ryze mixer and the coffeehouse formely know and Ruta Maya, remember?

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The old web site is Max's content! Of course he can use it. :-)

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We've gone the dot org route, Chip. And the campaign is underway. I've got a site for Max that's still rough, but at least the components are there. And we have a chatroom now, at

It's done in something called Zope using a mysql backend. Have you worked with Zope, Chip?

Missed you at the ryze mixer out at Mozarts, I was hoping to get to catch you there.

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PS. I looked at my stats again and saw that I had a lone hit from your site. But that's only three days stats so far this month.