Spammer Host Surfaces: Innocent Victim or Spammer Chutzpah?


Last week, I wrote about a horribly rude and invasive spam I received for a web site hosted at (View a copy of the original spam here.)

The network that hosts this spammer has been listed in the SPEWS block list. Yesterday, the administrator for that network appeared in and posted a message saying they don't spam.

This person is either a terrible victim or a spammer with amazing chutzpah.

Jan 1 update: I have posted an update to this entry.


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re: Spammer Host Surfaces: Innocent Victim or Spammer Chutzpah

I guess I missed the point of your diatribe. The target in the NANAE post didn't do the mailing. They DO host the landing page. NANAE doesn't seem to have a hierarchy for crimes: Hosting or redirecting or selling domains is as bad as mailing. That may be the SPEWS and private list defn, but I think it confused the postmaster who was wondering why he was getting blamed for a mailing he didn't do. Yes, I understand that spam support is bad, like weapons-dealing or drug-selling. But courts in many countries do not consider selling weapons the same crime as committing murder, and perhaps that is the case here?

Jumping all over the guy for mail he didn't send is like arresting the gun store owner who sold paper targets to the murderer a few weeks ago. Sure, he helped the murder hone his aim, and facilitated the crime... but should he be charged with murder? Its just not the right crime, and it just confuses the issue.

Out of the over 30 posts (when I looked), only one pointed out that the ISP was providing spam support services, and that he indeed HADN'T mailed these spams. Lots of vitriol about a guy who had no open mail servers and not sold mailing services.

So, yes, educate, reform, and shut down bad spammers. And yes, let's provide easy ways to look up bad spammers and not sell to them. But at the same time, lots of people are trying pretty hard to do the right thing. Instead of tearing down at a moment's notice, let's give praise and blame where appropriate.

Just one man's opinion,


re: Spammer Host Surfaces: Innocent Victim or Spammer Chutzpah

Michael - As the title suggests, I was leaving open the possibility this guy was an innocent victim. Nonetheless, I suspected he wasn't. After all, the first thing a spammer is going to do when caught is feign innocence, and I didn't find his posting persuasive.

I agree all the facts weren't available to me. The people in the best position to make that determination are his service provider, and it appears they may have decided to terminate him.