A cc Update

Bill (not cc) the Catcc the cat was a total bitch last night. He's something like fifty pounds overweight and is on this diet that makes him completely miserable. He's not losing any weight on this diet but he finally stopped getting bigger.

I've been doing a lot of cooking recently and that makes him even grouchier. Well, breathing in the same room makes him grouchier, but he's really pissed about this food thing. He sees me preparing all these delicious meals, and all he gets is a scoop of crunchy kibble at midnight.

I think he reached wits end last night. He was quite upset I was enjoying my cheeseburger, and he was letting me know what he thought about the situation. I rolled my chair back to--I dunno, taunt him or something.

That's when I heard one of those sounds that you never want to hear coming from a cat

I finally chased him down and did a bodypart count. Fortunately he had as many appendages as he woke with, and they all still seemed firmly attached. But he's been punishing me ever since. I haven't caught him, but I know he's been moping around the house all day muttering, "You suck!" behind my back.

Dec 29 update: Apparently I have been forgiven and things are back to normal, which mostly entails sleeping a lot.