Windows in Austin: Insult and Injury


Link: Seeing through the Linux-Windows TCO comparisons.

Joe Barr reports a story that is distressing in so many ways.

Last August, Joe reported how the City of Austin responded to a Microsoft license audit by swallowing huge fees for an Enterprise License agreement. Fast forward to earlier this month, when a Microsoft-funded study is released that claims Windows is cheaper than Linux in some applications.

Joe uses the City of Austin as an example to illustrate the flaws in this "total cost of ownership" (TCO) study. In fact, Joe finds the city is burning wagonloads of money on Windows licensing. See, the city buys Windows once when it purchases the PCs, and then buys it again at the end of year when it makes its Enterprise License payment to Microsoft. The city even has to pay for Windows licenses on desktop PCs that might not even run Windows. Ouch!

In these lean times, I'd rather see the extra money going to parks or libraries rather than Bill Gates' wine collection.


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re: Windows in Austin: Insult and Injury

Now that you've got some firsthand experience with the machinery of local guv'ment, what are the chances of saving some of our tax dollars by getting Austin IT to switch to open-source?
And where would we start on such an initiative?

re: Windows in Austin: Insult and Injury

Jim - Consider hooking up with EFF-Austin. We're pushing an initiative to help foster Open Source Software in Austin. I think if we can develop some local successes, there will be a lot more interest--from both municipal and commercial organization--in adopting OSS.