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12-Dec-2007 09:33 Benchmarking Linux RAID
13-Dec-2007 20:01 Recalculating
14-Dec-2007 16:15 Austin Goes Google
15-Dec-2007 01:07 Senate May Vote Monday on Amnesty for Illegal Wiretaps
16-Dec-2007 10:34 NYT: Telco Amnesty to Protect "Uneasy Partnership with Industry"
17-Dec-2007 12:48 Touching High Def with a Ten Foot Pole
17-Dec-2007 21:49 Wiretapping Amesty Update: A Remarkable Turn of Events
18-Dec-2007 14:23 World's Dumbest Attachment
19-Dec-2007 13:06 Logitech Harmony 880 Unties my A/V Knots
20-Dec-2007 17:53 Nintendo Spam
21-Dec-2007 20:35 Rate this Post
22-Dec-2007 17:03 Thanksgiving on the Beach
24-Dec-2007 10:15 Trail of Grief
24-Dec-2007 14:27 Northcross Wal-Mart gets the Go-Ahead
25-Dec-2007 23:53 Merry Whatever-It-Is
26-Dec-2007 09:37 Rate Link Patch
26-Dec-2007 21:14 Holidailies Charity Project: First Book
27-Dec-2007 18:11 My Favorite Linux Distro
28-Dec-2007 21:13 Growing up in No Reading
30-Dec-2007 16:55 Identifying Wi-Fi Hogs
31-Dec-2007 10:55 Music Industry Sues Man for Ripping His Own CDs
31-Dec-2007 15:02 What I Learned from Holidailies
01-Jan-2008 23:37 So Long, and Thanks for All the Holidailies
02-Jan-2008 13:47 Kill Your Television (in 2009)
03-Jan-2008 17:06 Response from First Book
08-Jan-2008 01:48 Wired
09-Jan-2008 15:43 Why I Love Recruiters (Part CXXIV)
23-Jan-2008 22:33 Hard to be Promiscuous
24-Jan-2008 23:35 Bar Camp Weekend
30-Jan-2008 00:02 Bombs Away
30-Jan-2008 10:18 I Could Set the Building on Fire
31-Jan-2008 00:27 Anti-Categories
05-Feb-2008 01:53 Frack Hollywood
07-Feb-2008 21:31 Death Threat Spam
08-Feb-2008 01:01 Community Technology and Telecom Commission Quarterly Status
12-Feb-2008 00:44 Drupal Category Listing Module
13-Feb-2008 03:15 Telco Immunity Passage a Presidential Litmus Test
15-Feb-2008 12:29 Will Spam be the Booby Prize in the Debate Lottery?
17-Feb-2008 13:13 Warrantless Wiretaps are Illegal Again
19-Feb-2008 17:10 Sample Ballots for March 4 Primaries
25-Feb-2008 19:05 Hiccups in the Linux RAID
27-Feb-2008 11:15 Comcast Thwarts Public at Net Neutrality Hearing
28-Feb-2008 16:01 Sun's McNealy Gets It Backwards
03-Mar-2008 01:36 Community Media Weekend
08-Mar-2008 19:54 Bar Camp Austin III
10-Mar-2008 15:26 Best Breakfast...All Made in Austin
11-Mar-2008 00:29 Media Center Network Control
11-Mar-2008 17:16 FAIL: Album Cover Guesser
13-Mar-2008 20:36 Get Social
15-Mar-2008 15:19 last.fm Submission Flakiness