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06-Jan-2006 21:59 How Lobbyists Influence Legislation
07-Jan-2006 11:18 Progress on Hibernate
08-Jan-2006 13:26 The Coconuts Problem...in Ruby
15-Jan-2006 11:33 Gail Minsky (1935-2006)
05-Feb-2006 15:25 Good Bye to Vinyl
11-Feb-2006 16:54 Life after Vinyl
18-Feb-2006 09:33 Bob Gammage, Spammer for Governor
01-Mar-2006 20:20 Moribund Type
11-Mar-2006 13:37 Jesse Taylor, or Why I Moved to Austin
16-Mar-2006 19:18 Spam Sign
23-Mar-2006 08:26 Putting the "Community Technology" into "Telecommunications"
25-Mar-2006 07:16 Best Day Ever
25-Mar-2006 09:59 Movable Type Force-Preview Update
12-Apr-2006 08:45 S.A. Express News: Lobbyists' money talks
15-Apr-2006 19:30 S.A. Express News: SBC Swarm
17-Apr-2006 23:18 Post Office Adventure
30-Apr-2006 18:07 A Visit to Austin Computer Stores
26-May-2006 12:09 Ubuntu Dapper Drake Looks Good
27-May-2006 10:50 Update on Home Media PC
19-Jun-2006 09:03 Austin Community Media Forum
21-Jun-2006 22:31 Letter to Sen. Hutchison on Telecom Legislation
30-Jun-2006 11:26 Sen. Hutchison kills net neutrality
01-Jul-2006 08:45 Sen. Wyden to the rescue
04-Jul-2006 13:58 Community Media Forum a Success
06-Jul-2006 22:14 Chronicle runs protest photo, neglecting to mention Scientology connection
17-Jul-2006 23:14 Lost without a Sync
23-Jul-2006 10:21 Chinacat Upgrade
26-Jul-2006 11:23 Why is Congress considering such anti-consumer telecom bills?
27-Jul-2006 19:53 Endangered Access TV
29-Jul-2006 09:09 High Def Discs are Dead on Arrival
02-Aug-2006 11:58 Phone Company Innovations
09-Aug-2006 09:29 The Weddening
21-Aug-2006 00:36 Last Call for Jean Caffeine
21-Aug-2006 14:35 Patent Troll Forgent threatened with Delisting
04-Sep-2006 19:39 When the Levees Broke
15-Sep-2006 09:13 Action!
19-Sep-2006 23:55 Freddie Steady in Galveston
28-Sep-2006 11:08 Recently, in a Smoky Bar
03-Oct-2006 12:50 Austin Technology Matters
03-Oct-2006 18:33 Earthlink DNS Hijack
03-Oct-2006 23:00 Ubuntu Upgrade Trounces Nvidia Video
12-Oct-2006 10:59 Tech Show Web Site is Active
21-Oct-2006 12:55 At the imPACT Awards
28-Oct-2006 00:08 Ubuntu Edgy Eft: Love the Release, Hate the Upgrade
31-Oct-2006 23:54 Austin Technology Matters premieres Thursday
01-Nov-2006 23:26 The Corner Cheesesteak Store
02-Nov-2006 18:31 Austin Technology Matters time change
13-Nov-2006 21:05 web-chpass Release
15-Nov-2006 17:29 So Long to the AMD PIC
19-Nov-2006 14:25 Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidailies!