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04-Sep-2004 09:34 Laptop Waste
23-Oct-2004 12:09 Rail to Nowhere
08-Nov-2004 17:44 A Day at the Collector's Expo
12-Nov-2004 08:54 Notes on Migrating to Fedora Core x86_64
13-Nov-2004 13:11 Declaring the Migration a Failure
14-Dec-2004 00:53 It's Holidailies Time
19-Dec-2004 20:44 My Sister, the Early Adopter
26-Dec-2004 11:22 Building mplayer for FC3 Linux x86_64
27-Dec-2004 21:53 My Day in Court
01-Jan-2005 21:06 Highland Galaxy is Out of this World
09-Jan-2005 13:55 Worst. Spam. Ever.
09-Jan-2005 22:26 Salaries for Tech Professionals in Decline
12-Jan-2005 01:07 Hollywood is Chasing Ghosts
18-Jan-2005 21:04 PSA: Lock Your Domains
19-Jan-2005 12:28 Tsunami Relief Spammer Caught
23-Jan-2005 11:40 MPAA Says "Never Mind"
29-Jan-2005 15:59 Public Hearing on Public Access TV
07-Feb-2005 22:48 Fighting Link Spam with Redacted RSS Entries
14-Feb-2005 14:33 Texas Telcos Want to Kill Municipal Internet Access
14-Feb-2005 20:24 Gregg Knaupe, Spammer for City Council
17-Feb-2005 20:02 Blogging for Muni Networks
20-Feb-2005 22:21 Ask Todd Baxter to Support Public Wireless
28-Feb-2005 18:52 Journalism Protocols
11-Mar-2005 20:24 SXSW: Tom Fulp Keynote
12-Mar-2005 13:00 Fedora Core 3 Linux on a Dell Inspiron 600m
12-Mar-2005 16:53 SXSW: Digital Convergence
13-Mar-2005 12:40 SXSW: How to Leverage Solipsism
14-Mar-2005 12:45 SXSW: Future of Broadband Wireless Networks
15-Mar-2005 09:31 Dewey Winburne Award
15-Mar-2005 11:41 New Cat on the Block
23-Mar-2005 22:57 Thank You, Todd Baxter
03-Apr-2005 17:13 Further Adventures of Fedora Core 3 Linux on an Inspiron 600m Laptop
12-Apr-2005 19:29 Final Adventures of Fedora Core 3 Linux on an Inspiron 600m Laptop
15-Apr-2005 13:41 USB Drives Compared
27-Apr-2005 14:28 DVD Info Sites
08-May-2005 19:47 Back to the Bars
10-May-2005 21:45 Free Laptop
11-May-2005 11:53 Texans: Improve Public Safety and Save Money
12-May-2005 07:50 Letter to my State Rep. on Bad Telecom
13-May-2005 12:47 Texas Lege Nears Home Stretch
18-May-2005 13:26 SB 408 Telecom Frankenbill is Dead
26-May-2005 10:28 Corporate Police
28-Jun-2005 23:00 Fedora Core 4: Worst Upgrade Ever
29-Jun-2005 23:54 Ubuntu on Laptop: It Just Works
03-Jul-2005 10:58 Ubuntu on Workstation: What the Doctor Ordered
07-Jul-2005 18:57 Back to Work
10-Jul-2005 23:58 A Week of Ubuntu Linux
13-Jul-2005 21:39 Configuring Alps Touchpad under Ubuntu Linux
25-Jul-2005 22:46 nsupdate Bad for Embedded Applications
10-Aug-2005 10:54 Birch Telecom Leaves Austin