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11-Mar-2006 13:37 Jesse Taylor, or Why I Moved to Austin
01-Mar-2006 20:20 Moribund Type
18-Feb-2006 09:33 Bob Gammage, Spammer for Governor
11-Feb-2006 16:54 Life after Vinyl
05-Feb-2006 15:25 Good Bye to Vinyl
15-Jan-2006 11:33 Gail Minsky (1935-2006)
08-Jan-2006 13:26 The Coconuts Problem...in Ruby
07-Jan-2006 11:18 Progress on Hibernate
06-Jan-2006 21:59 How Lobbyists Influence Legislation
05-Jan-2006 15:00 How the Koobox Home Linux System Stacks Up
04-Jan-2006 15:35 Pundit-R BIOS Update Agony
03-Jan-2006 14:27 December Plan
31-Dec-2005 12:14 A Couple of web-nsupdate Implementation Hints
30-Dec-2005 22:20 Swordfish is an Ugly, Stupid Movie
26-Dec-2005 12:52 web-nsupdate: A Lightweight Dynamic DNS Service
25-Dec-2005 14:03 Favorite Movies of 2005
21-Dec-2005 20:52 The Ones that Got Away: the Movie Version
21-Dec-2005 09:53 Where to Advocate Open Source?
19-Dec-2005 21:24 Bad Behavior by McAfee Anti-Virus
18-Dec-2005 19:33 Scootanon
17-Dec-2005 13:46 Since When is Getting Reamed a Benefit?
17-Dec-2005 02:58 Blogger Finds its 404
16-Dec-2005 14:39 An Open (and Neutral) Internet
15-Dec-2005 16:21 Installfest: Towards Mainstream User Acceptance
13-Dec-2005 17:55 Installfest: A Post-Install Procedure for Ubuntu Linux
12-Dec-2005 14:45 Installfest: What's so Good (and not so Good) about the Ubuntu Installer?
11-Dec-2005 00:00 Installfest: Report from the Event
10-Dec-2005 22:57 Stupidity-Induced Internet Outages in Austin
10-Dec-2005 00:22 Installfest: Choosing a Linux Distro
09-Dec-2005 00:00 Holidailies Sells Out
08-Dec-2005 00:00 Some Hard Lessons in User Interface Design
07-Dec-2005 00:00 Twiddled Privilege Bits Get Me Thirty Days
29-Nov-2005 22:33 Your Phone Records for Sale
28-Nov-2005 01:53 Salon Picks Sony Cash Over Rootkit Coverage
27-Nov-2005 00:08 Linux Media PC, a Month Later
26-Nov-2005 12:55 Ubuntu 5.10 Upgrade: Well *That* was Boring
25-Nov-2005 01:07 Turkey or Tacos
22-Nov-2005 22:57 My Crappy Drupal Web Site
15-Nov-2005 22:52 Holidailies 2005 is Coming
22-Oct-2005 14:57 Setting up Function Keys for a Linux Media PC
21-Oct-2005 01:08 Video Connections Made Confusing
11-Oct-2005 02:08 ASUS Pundit-R + Ubuntu Linux = Media PC
09-Oct-2005 15:38 Linksys WRT54G: An Open Network Gateway
07-Oct-2005 11:46 Linux CD Ripping Performance: Surprising Results
08-Sep-2005 22:30 Katrina-IT-Volunteers Mailing List is Active
08-Sep-2005 18:54 Boing Boing Considered Harmful to Shelter Residents
08-Sep-2005 08:04 Jasmina Tesanovic at Austin Convention Center
07-Sep-2005 14:44 Katrina Relief: Fusebox Programmers Urgently Needed
06-Sep-2005 15:26 Austin Linux User Group Pitches In
05-Sep-2005 23:40 Join the Second Line