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05-Feb-2009 14:55 The DTV Delay: It's Not About Slackers
14-Mar-2009 11:13 Twitterspam Comes to Facebook
24-Mar-2009 08:47 Letter to Council: Award the Web Site Redesign Contract
03-Apr-2009 12:19 Bandwidth Cap Red Herrings
12-Apr-2009 23:04 Austin Broadband Information Center
02-Jun-2009 09:27 Austin's DTV Divide
03-Jun-2009 20:38 DTV Transition Coverage Today
21-Oct-2009 20:49 Austin City Council Hates Your iPhone
30-Nov-2009 15:51 HOWTO: Load ssh Key at KDE Startup
09-Dec-2009 12:44 Proposed Fix for the Austin Texting Ban
10-Dec-2009 22:01 I Heart IMAP
13-Dec-2009 00:31 Proposed Changes to Texting Ordinance a Disappointment
24-Dec-2009 12:39 Phone Apps as the Badge of FAIL
29-Dec-2009 14:33 Kindle Total Cost of Ownership: Calculating the DRM Tax
11-Jan-2010 02:36 First Look at the Neuros LINK
20-Jan-2010 16:49 Craig's List Spammer Fail
27-Jan-2010 16:32 Craig's List Spammer Audacity
11-Feb-2010 17:46 The Untold Story of the Google Gigabit Network Project
19-Feb-2010 11:58 City Asks Your Support on Google Network Response
22-Feb-2010 11:34 The Story of Soft Whorehouse
24-Feb-2010 11:54 Big Gig Austin -- The Public Campaign to Bring Google Fiber Network to Austin
09-Mar-2010 12:28 Statement at the "Big Gig Austin" Press Conference
10-Mar-2010 08:48 Tonight! Public Forum on Austin Response to Google "Fiber for Communities" Initiative
14-Mar-2010 10:17 New Wordpress Plugin Provides Anti-Spam Protection Against Email Address Harvesting
18-Mar-2010 09:19 Big Gig "How Can Google Not Love Us?" Happy Hour and Tweetup, Mar. 23
22-Mar-2010 09:14 Note to Big Gig broadband supporters
30-Mar-2010 11:14 Austin Bids for Big Gigabit Broadband
06-Dec-2010 12:57 PATA is a PITA (and other thoughts on SSD)
11-Dec-2010 08:49 Old Chinacats, New Chinacat
29-Dec-2010 17:15 Quick Impressions on FCC Open Internet Order
31-Dec-2010 17:35 Some Wishes for a Cord-Cutting New Year
05-Jan-2011 17:36 Safety Problems with Austin Parking Meter Proposal
29-Jan-2011 13:23 TxGov20Camp -- Austin Website Session
12-Mar-2011 12:57 Tribute to Gary Chapman
18-Jun-2011 07:47 HowTo: Specify Web Browser Preference for Thunderbird 3.1
18-Jun-2011 07:54 HowTo: Make umount Work with sshfs
17-Dec-2011 12:53 New City Website Arrives Monday
12-Jan-2012 08:41 Dear Senator Franken, Please Oppose PIPA
02-Feb-2012 01:43 Angry Neighbor Email (UPDATED 2/5)
02-Feb-2012 14:53 My Letter to the Austin Affiliate of Komen
04-Feb-2012 17:05 Angry Neighbor Email, Part Deux
05-Feb-2012 21:48 Angry Neighbor Email, Neighborhood Crank Edition
09-Feb-2012 14:09 Angry Neighbor Email EXTRA! Defective Rhetoric and Facts Edition
20-Feb-2012 14:29 wp-spamspan Protects WordPress Blogs Against Spam Harvesters
15-Mar-2012 13:20 Find It Nearby: A Mobile-Enabled Web Application with Austin Government Data
08-Jul-2012 12:33 Central Texas Bar Camp: Hack Your City
31-Aug-2012 11:05 Call to Hack, Civically
11-Sep-2012 10:32 It's Time to Create a Civic Innovation Office at Austin City Hall
26-Oct-2012 09:52 My Election Endorsements
10-Nov-2012 11:27 LG Optimus G Sprint: Zero to Meh in Microseconds