Comcast Thwarts Public at Net Neutrality Hearing

The FCC held a recent public hearing on network neutrality, and a lot of scrutiny was placed on Comcast's degredation of peer-to-peer applications on their broadband network. This, for instance, hampers video applications and discourages Comcast subscribers from using alternatives to their cable TV services.

The Save the Internet Coalition discovered that Comcast (or one of their supporters) bussed in people to fill chairs, so the public would be blocked from participating.

Comcast — or someone who really, really likes Comcast — evidently bused in its own crowd. These seat-warmers, were paid to fill the room, a move that kept others from taking part.

This is despicable. Comcast really needs a lesson in open communication.

Full article here: Comcast Blocking: First the Internet — Now the Public


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Here's the problem:

Comcast takes the same approach to public debate that it has to Internet access: that it can wield substantial political and market power to shut out debate and shut up people. For too long, communications policymaking has been rigged against us. We need to send a wakeup call to phone and cable giants and their powerful lobbyists that they will no longer set the agenda. Check out this new video we just released:

The purpose of the Internet is to give power over information to everyone. The role of our elected leaders is to protect our basic right to communicate from those who want to take it away from us. Whether it's on the Internet or at public hearings we must stand up for everyone's right to connect.

You should feel sorry for Comcast, "the little guy" in cable TV

While watching TV not long ago I saw, and have seen repeated since, a commercial produced by Comcast protraying it as 'fighting the good fight' in the battle against the "big" guys" in Cable TV.
How absolutely absurd. If Comcast isn't the biggest cable provider in the US it's in the top 3.
They have such a low opinion of their customers and potential customers they are employing one of the oldest propaganda tricks by telling the big lie in their commercials, (that Comcast is not one of the largest players in the cable tv biz), often and stridently enough that a certain percentage of consumers might actually believe them. Comcast has swallowed up countless truly small, cable TV companies. This strategy, gleaned from Nixon and other politicians, of telling the big lie often and loud enough till it's believed worked for them until they were caught, which Comcast will be.
And their attempts at censorship, restricting bandwidth to customers for some customers who use Bit Torrent, et al, file sharing applications, denying service to consumers they believe will somehow abuse their access, have been insulting and disrespectful to it's customers. They lie as a company policy and should lose their monopolistic, laissez faire, overbearing and arrogant ability of power and influence to cheat, intimidate and take advantage of small and large consumers and municipalities with their single provider contracts.
Cable TV consumers across the nation, who, because of Comcast's monopoly are overpaying and being underserved by this colossus of unethical, money grubbing corporation.
Perhaps one day they will develop a conscience but I fear that will not be until the computer becomes our main source of entertainment. And computers are used to put the big shots in Jail. Remember the Rigas family.